Our Process

Every jar we fill, comes out of this kitchen. We peel, core, shop, cut, freeze all the fruit. Every product gets filled by hand one by one.


We start every batch with real, fresh ingredients, the same way our grandparents used to do it.

We source locally as much as we can, like our figs, prickly pears, mint, citrus, etc. we only use NON-GMO sugar and fruit pectin.

We always get the best products at the peak of perfection to assure we extract the sweetest, and best fruit for our jams and jellies.

Yes, we pit the cherries by hand, one by one!

We get them in the summer when they are the sweetest and freeze them to make sure we have them on hand all year long.

Strawberries are independently frozen, and then we seal them and freeze them to use them throughout the year.

We use only non-GMO sugars in our products. Yummy, and healthy!

We cook our jams and jellies in a double broiler type ketttle, with no direct fire. Every time we make these delights the smell is so delicious (blueberry jam smells like floral perfume, mmmmm!) the other one its Apricot-Pineapple jam (while cooling this one it smells crazy good too).

We fill each jar by hand.

Then we let the jars cool before we apply the labels.

We hand pick the all the fabrics, and prepare them to cut the, and every single jar gets a matching cloth top. Carolyn started this tradition and we love to continue with it, we believe it highlights the love we put in every single jar we make for you.

We only keep a small inventory on hand; we like to assure that our products are freshly made.

We hope that you enjoy our jams and jellies as much as we do! 🙂 Thank you for visiting our website!

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